What’s your style today?

It’s My Styl app is the ultimate fashion community where you can create and share your personal style and receive feedback through likes and comments from other users.

With IT’S MY STYL you can

• Mix and match items to create stylish outfits

• Pair your own clothes with trendy items online

• Get followers and inspire others

• Follow and get inspired by other users

• Plan what to wear

• Enhance your social image

• Receive feedback on items you want to purchase

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It’s My Styl was created by the young Swedish duo Josephine Eskilsson and Felicia Åkerlind.

It was created in order for you to easier keep your friends in the what to wear-loop while at the same time being inspired by all the cool and creative looks and styles out there! The result is a truly engaging community where you can profile your inner style without focusing on body image or physical appearance. It’s a more casual way of profiling and expressing your own style!




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